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I'm an experienced and creative broadcast professional with more than 15 years working in television production across news, sport, current affairs, features, corporate productions and programme making.



I am a proud rugby playing Scot who has found his way to Guernsey (the better Channel Island) where I am now based. As a tenacious scrum-half I have the vision and awareness that every cameraman needs, as a speedy winger I am fast, decisive and precise like any good picture editor and as a fullback I have the calm authority and defensive solidity required in any broadcast short I'm a hard-tackling all rounder with flair, instinct and excitement, stout in defense and brilliant in attack(and did I say modest too)


I’ve worked as a television cameraman and editor for ITV Channel Television for the last 17 years as well as working on a freelance basis as a specialist sports cameramen for F1 Communications, Gearhouse, ATP Media and the Olympic Broadcasting Service to name just a few.

I’m passionate and knowledgeable about all sports so know where the action will be and what shots to get. I’m creative, accurate and equally comfortable working on multi-camera OBs or ENG; working as part of team or on my own.

I’ve yet to find a sport that doesn’t interest me, although as a Scot I’m still searching for more sports where we can beat the English! I’m also a fast and accurate picture editor whether working on location from a laptop or in a finishing suite. I’m adaptable, accustomed to working to tight deadlines and in high pressure environments.

My CV will give you more details about my experience to date but I’m always looking for the next challenge and I’m keen to push myself onto the next phase of my career by working on multi-camera sport and music OB’s and event productions. I can also provide slick and professional video content for your business website or social media pages using my years of experience working in corporate and commercial production. I can see your project through from the planning stage.

Scottish is my first language but I can also get by in German with a smattering of French. I’m available to travel worldwide from my base in Guernsey and can be commissioned for services through my Guernsey-registered company X2 Media Ltd.

Please get in touch if you need a creative, award-winning camera operator to be part of your winning team.



  • Filming from Motorcycles,RiBS and Helicopters

  • OB Operator

  • Studio Camerawork & Lighting


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