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Andy and I worked closely together during my time at ITV Channel Television, most notably on major sports events including the NatWest Island Games and the Channel Islands Sports Personality of the Year. His enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of sport combined with exemplary camera skills resulted in him being in the right place at the right time and always getting the shots that mattered. We co-produced the Channel Islands Sports Personality of the Year for many years. His creativity, not just behind the camera but in treatment development and editing were a major asset and vital to the events success.  When tasked with putting together a team for project, he was always the first name on my list.

Mark Wilkinson, Director - Orchid


Andy is an experienced cameraman and editor, and can work alone or as part of a team. He has been the senior technical team member in Guernsey for a number of years, taking on the responsibilities that go with that.  He has a passion and an understanding of sport, which shows through in the final result. He is happy to try new things, and at several multi-sport events he has been the motorcycle camera for cycling or triathlon. He won't let anyone down on the big occasion.

Kevin Banner, Operations Manager - ITV Channel Television


As a Producer I've worked with Andy since he joined ITV Channel Television on many occasions. His Camera and Lighting skills are first rate and he's always provided an excellent service and delivered exactly what's required, be it for a commercial, corporate or network production. His editing and technical knowledge is first rate, and so is his artistic flair and initiative which has often helped me out of tricky situations. He's polite, helpful, great with clients and easy to get on with, an asset to have around.

Stig Adler, Producer - ITV Channel Television

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